The Best Telescopic Mast for Mobile Video Surveillance & More!

Situational awareness is critical and vital for maintaining control.

The RATT is a portable tower that gives first responders the ability to deploy a variety of devices including cameras, antennas & lighting when and where you need it most. Simply attach The RATT to any 2×2” hitch receiver & drive.

With The RATT, Surveillance is as Easy as 1-2-3.

1. Connect

We believe in providing you with easy-to-use telescoping mast systems, which is why we’ve created a portable tower design that’s simple, easy to operate and set up. The RATT takes one person less than 5 minutes to set up and goes anywhere your vehicle with a hitch receiver can go.


2. Elevate

Being able to monitor what’s going on around you requires a strong vantage point. The RATT elevates to 30-50’ in less than 75 seconds and can be used on uneven terrain. That lets you see throughout the area and make important judgment calls when it comes to law enforcement or situation awareness.


3. Deploy

Once your telescoping mast is in place, it’s a simple process to get started deploying your system and to begin monitoring what’s going on around you. The RATT provides rapid aerial surveillance, day or night. Take advantage of a system that gives you a telescoping tower with quick results for mobile surveillance & more.


The RATT can be deployed in less than half the time of any competitor. Requires only 1 person to set up and operate. No license is needed to operate and no training required.