Mobile Video Surveillance

As rioting and civil unrest continue in our communities, you need cutting edge, lightning-fast ability to deploy your surveillance equipment and get control of the situation. With The Rapid All-Terrain Tower (RATT), you can get the aerial views that simply aren’t possible with drones.

The RATT takes the high ground in seconds. Set up and deploy this simple but versatile aerial surveillance tool within 5 minutes under ANY weather conditions!

When law enforcement needs a surveillance rapid deployment for SWAT calls, serving high-risk warrants or outdoor events, The RATT can get cameras into top position (30-50 feet) to gather vital incident information in seconds. No other gear or piece of equipment gives such speed, versatility, and reliability. It’s the simplest solution to a problem every agency is facing these days.

The RATT works with ANY kind of vehicle that has a 2×2” hitch receiver. Anywhere your all-terrain vehicles can go (even ATV’s or golf carts), this portable tower will be there to help serve and protect.

Plus, it helps overcome all the disappointing limitations of most drones (weather, battery life, destruction, bad camera angles, etc.).

Best of all, The RATT requires no special training and virtually no maintenance.

You can get the surveillance you need from ANYWHERE your all-terrain vehicles will take you.

Contact us for more information & learn how to get The RATT delivered and deployed as soon as possible!

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